Lounge, Bar, Garden & Swimming Pool OLD

Inside, a relaxed ambience with lounge music and a wide selection of Portuguese beer, wines and cocktails.

Outside, the swimming pool and green aromatic garden with lime & orange trees, jasmin and palm, offer the guests the atmosphere of a resort in the heart of the city.

Summertime, enjoy a drink on the terrace, lounge among the jasmin in the garden or enjoy the UV-treated, chemical-free pool.

Wintertime, mingle with other guests in the lounge or read a book in front of the fireplace. 

Opening hours

Garden and Swimming Pool - Every day, 24/7

Lounge - Every day, 24/7

Bar - Every days, 16:00-00:00

(beer & wine available all day)

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Get Home Late

is our bar at The Late Birds

Say hello to Paulo, your cocktail chef and bar specialist

List of Cocktails:

Hiligthed Cocktails
Short Drinks
- The Late Birds: Cachaça Ypioca, Lemon grass syrup, red currant, Lime juice.
- Saké da Horta: Rosemary from de garden, white sugar, Lime juice, Saké, vermouth Noilly Prat, edeflower licor
Long Drink
- Cinnamon Julep: Mint leaves, brown sugar, Bourbon, cinnamon
- Terrakota: Lavander from the Garden, pink grappefruit, Vodka, Redcurrant.

Handcrafted & Seasonal Cocktails
Short drinks
- Late Love Rule: Fresh ginger, sugar, eggs white, grappefruit, Jagermeister, Brandy
- Cherry Martinez: Portuguese Cherry liqueur, Tequila blue agave, vermouth Lillet, Angustura and orange Oil
- Classic Old fashioned infused with Bergamote smoked 
Long drink
- W.Sour: Mui Gin, Lemonjuice, sugar, eggs white and rosé wine
- Portuguese Spritz: Dry white Porto and tonic water with mint leaves as a garnish.